When good fortune strikes..

I’ve been struck by lady luck of late, and I couldn’t possibly be more thankful.  Scoutmob has featured Phul Effect Jewelry on their new Scoutmob Shoppe site. They seek to be true “purveyors of the local experience, connecting you to your city through hard-to-pass-up, location-based deals, hyper-local stories, event lists, and other such curious finds.”  It’s an excellent opportunity, and the sheer volume of totally rad people that will see Phul Effect Jewelry for the first time is astounding.  It’s been a great day, and I’m totally starry eyed.  Check it out here:

Scoutmob Shoppe :: Phul Effect Jewelry


Blog on a Blog?

I’m new to this whole blogging thing…but can I blog on another blog?  Well, forgive this faux pas and listen up.  I must give this girl a shout out.  Her name is Jaclyn, and she’s the mastermind behind Snap, Crackle, Pop.  She picked up this pen nib pendant in my shop and gave me a holler on her blog here. 

How sweet was that?  It’s people like this that make running a teeny tiny small business worth it.  Keep an eye on this girl, and stay up on her gift guides.  She’s got a mean eye for style and an Etsy shop that’s so cute to boot:  www.JacandElsie.etsy.com.


First Show Flop!

So, I sat my first craft/art/holiday show this weekend in Fort Mead, MD.  I was super stoked to showcase my work and meet some friendly customers.  Set-up went swimmingly and there were 100+ vendors!  Sounds like a recipe for success, huh?  Boy, I was in for a very rude surprise.


Less than 100 guests showed to the whole show!  I’m not sure what happened—insufficient advertising, the fact that there was a small entrance fee, lack of signage at the main entrance, etc.  I only sold five pieces and ran a net loss.  Thank goodness I was only out 10 bucks.  All of the vendors packed up an hour early, and I even saw one woman falling asleep at her booth.  It was a disaster.


On the bright side, my table looked amazing (see fabulous photography below).  I got so many compliments on my work, and I got to make a custom order for a very sweet lady.  My ‘Phul Effect’ bunting flags got some funny looks, but I think they’re sweet— sewed and ink-transferred by yours truly.  I’m a DIY queen. 


Guess I won’t be returning next year.  No love lost, on to the next one!




The random number generator has spoken, and the winner is… 525600minutesofme!

Thanks to everyone who entered—even though there were only 7 entries!  :)  
We’ll have a giveaway again soon! 


The Great Giveaway!

Hey ya’ll!  (I’m definitely from Minnesota.. but for some unknown reason, I thought that was appropriate.)  It’s my first giveaway!  Win this lovely pair of vintage-inspired earrings from my Etsy.com store, Phul Effect Jewelry.  What, might you ask, do you have to do to win this lovely prize?  Simply reblog/heart this post AND follow my blog on Tumblr. One lucky winner will be selected at random on October 19, 2011 at 3pm EST.  Best of luck!



Packaging Ideas & Inspiration

Image by Crown Bindery

If you’re anything like me, you might be a dedicated Etsy and/or Groove Press seller, but also an avid shopper!  Once you’re hooked on handmade creations, there’s really no turning back. 
One of the best parts of ordering handmade online is opening the package to find something truly special…nothing like you could find at a department store.  There are so many ways to differentiate your handmade products at craft shows and festivals or create a special surprise for your online customers.  This blog post is all about creating a memorable experience for your customers and standing out from the crowd by using creative packaging.  For those of you who aren’t Groove Press sellers, this blog might inspire you to take a few extra moments to make your next gift packaging extra special.
Alright, let’s get down to business.  How much time you want to invest in your packaging is up to you.  You can create something simple and stylish or spend more time creating something truly unique to your business.
Why is creative packaging important? 
As a small business owner or pure hobby-ist, when you sell your work online, you’re competing not only with other handmade designers, but also with mass-produced items.  Naturally, your handmade designs are more expensive than those trite assembly-line products. However, the time, effort, skill, and all-around experience you can provide customers makes paying a little extra worth it.  Your packaging should reflect this passion for handmade, quality products.
Here are a few tips for leaving those pesky mass-produced retail items in the dust:

  1. Go green!  Reusable and recycled packaging is especially important to eco-friendly customers.  Choosing packaging that can be repurposed gives you an edge on your competitors and makes a clear statement to your customers.
  2. Package your product to market a specific target.  For example, a product just to be used by men might be best when packaged in dark colors and rugged accents.  However, a product just for women, might be more eye-catching in something softer.
  3. Add something extra to your product to make it stand out.  Even something as simple as a custom stamp or a ribbon around a box will make your product more noticeable and memorable.
  4. Make sure your product can travel inside the packaging.  Since most small-business owners use UPS or FedEx-type carriers, it is absolutely necessary that you spend the time and attention on making sure your product arrive in pristine condition.  Product damage is serious; no one wants a smooshed bag or a dented box!  
    Now for the good stuff.  Some inspiring tips and photos from small-business owners just like yourself:

Use “mini” business cards as tags like these from Moo.com.

Use stamps and colorful twine like blogger {just.lovely.things}

Use screen printed bags and red and blue postal tape for a vintage feel like Sass and Peril.

Use cello bags and ribbon to make your product perfect for gift-giving like A Breath of French Air.

I hope this blog has inspired you to get crafty with your next online order or gift.  Whatever you decide, I’m sure your creative packaging will convey the perfect “Thank you” to your customers. 


Grand Re-Opening of Phul Effect Jewelry

Long time, no post!  As I mentioned when I started this blog, Phul Effect was/is undergoing a major overhaul.  We (the Amazing @theKyleBogucki) has revamped the logo and branding.  New business cards and packaging have been ordered, and new designs are being rolled out daily.  Check out my latest geometry-inspired designs—-awfully good for a girl who only got a ‘B’ in the class…

Chevron Necklace


Tourmaline Estate Earrings

Hematite Chevron Earrings


DIY Storage Boxes
These festive storage boxes are made of cardboard and fabric! I think they are s cute, and could ad a pop of color to your room :) Thanks Make it and Love it! 


DIY Storage Boxes

These festive storage boxes are made of cardboard and fabric! I think they are s cute, and could ad a pop of color to your room :) Thanks Make it and Love it! 


jonpersitz: Sometimes I feel like I’m being watched… (Taken with instagram)

jonpersitz: Sometimes I feel like I’m being watched… (Taken with instagram)