Blog on a Blog?

I’m new to this whole blogging thing…but can I blog on another blog?  Well, forgive this faux pas and listen up.  I must give this girl a shout out.  Her name is Jaclyn, and she’s the mastermind behind Snap, Crackle, Pop.  She picked up this pen nib pendant in my shop and gave me a holler on her blog here. 

How sweet was that?  It’s people like this that make running a teeny tiny small business worth it.  Keep an eye on this girl, and stay up on her gift guides.  She’s got a mean eye for style and an Etsy shop that’s so cute to boot:


First Show Flop!

So, I sat my first craft/art/holiday show this weekend in Fort Mead, MD.  I was super stoked to showcase my work and meet some friendly customers.  Set-up went swimmingly and there were 100+ vendors!  Sounds like a recipe for success, huh?  Boy, I was in for a very rude surprise.


Less than 100 guests showed to the whole show!  I’m not sure what happened—insufficient advertising, the fact that there was a small entrance fee, lack of signage at the main entrance, etc.  I only sold five pieces and ran a net loss.  Thank goodness I was only out 10 bucks.  All of the vendors packed up an hour early, and I even saw one woman falling asleep at her booth.  It was a disaster.


On the bright side, my table looked amazing (see fabulous photography below).  I got so many compliments on my work, and I got to make a custom order for a very sweet lady.  My ‘Phul Effect’ bunting flags got some funny looks, but I think they’re sweet— sewed and ink-transferred by yours truly.  I’m a DIY queen. 


Guess I won’t be returning next year.  No love lost, on to the next one!



Travel: When in Roma..

Do as the Romas do!  About a month ago, my Aunt Michelle (or if you’re my baby brother, Aunt “Shelf”) and I were living large in the land of gladiators and gelato.  With only 4 days to see the city, we were sightseeing nonstop—Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Pantheon, etc., etc.  So much to do, so little time for gnocchi.  

I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. Now, I’m back in dreary London preparing for exams. I did manage to pick up some neat Pope charms and beautiful Italian chain for €2/meter—such a steal!  This fall, I’ll release a few limited designs.  Once they’re gone, they are 'andato'

Here are a few pictures from my trip… I’m still dreaming about the sites and sun, wishing I was still living like a Roman (i.e. consuming endless amounts of gelato and pasta).






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Travel: Spitalfield’s Market

It seems I’ve been neglecting my blog duties.  With deadlines for term essays, exams, and the dreaded dissertation approaching, I haven’t had time for much else—-save galavanting around Ireland, Italy, and Spain.  Okay, so maybe I’ve had a little extra time…

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Little Miss Blogette

So, here I am. I never thought I’d be a blogger because I don’t think I have anything interesting to say.  I don’t know who I’m kidding by starting this, but I’ll just start by introducing myself (in true boring fashion)..

I’m Crysten. I’m a 20-something graduate student from Minnesota kicking it in London, UK. I’m getting my Masters in International Public Policy and looking forward to moving States-side in August. Even though I’m swamped with research, I find myself completely occupied with sketching jewelry designs and scouring the internet for antique trinkets. Not the most efficient way of tackling school, but I’m managing and that’s what brings me here. 

I guess this will just be an oddball mix of real life, travels, and the stories behind my jewelry design. Hopefully, you can get a feel for my inspiration and aesthetic as I build my brand.  Can’t wait to get started..


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