First Show Flop!

So, I sat my first craft/art/holiday show this weekend in Fort Mead, MD.  I was super stoked to showcase my work and meet some friendly customers.  Set-up went swimmingly and there were 100+ vendors!  Sounds like a recipe for success, huh?  Boy, I was in for a very rude surprise.


Less than 100 guests showed to the whole show!  I’m not sure what happened—insufficient advertising, the fact that there was a small entrance fee, lack of signage at the main entrance, etc.  I only sold five pieces and ran a net loss.  Thank goodness I was only out 10 bucks.  All of the vendors packed up an hour early, and I even saw one woman falling asleep at her booth.  It was a disaster.


On the bright side, my table looked amazing (see fabulous photography below).  I got so many compliments on my work, and I got to make a custom order for a very sweet lady.  My ‘Phul Effect’ bunting flags got some funny looks, but I think they’re sweet— sewed and ink-transferred by yours truly.  I’m a DIY queen. 


Guess I won’t be returning next year.  No love lost, on to the next one!


Back in the USSR.. You really don’t know how lucky you are. Via Etsy 

Back in the USSR.. You really don’t know how lucky you are. 
Via Etsy 

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Home: Vintage Everything

I’ve already expressed my love for vintage everything, and if you (like me), can’t pass up a good auction or antique store, this post is for you.  I stumbled across this Etsy shop, Sweet Love Vintage, a few days ago, and I keep coming back for peeks. In fact, I even blogged about one of their pieces a few days back. Remember the Be” porcelain letters post?  

Check out some of their amazing stuff—I especially love the Doors magazine.  You can’t go wrong with a little Jim Morrison in your life.  Don’t be shy, get your vintage on.





Home: Be _____

Be happy, be shy, be bold.  Be whatever you want with these sweet porcelain letters. They have tacks on the back, so you could stick them on your bulletin, set them on a shelf, and just ‘be’ everyday.  They are vintage (and amazing) and one of a kind, so they’ll undoubtedly sell fast. Get them here: SweetLoveVintage



Travel: Spitalfield’s Market

It seems I’ve been neglecting my blog duties.  With deadlines for term essays, exams, and the dreaded dissertation approaching, I haven’t had time for much else—-save galavanting around Ireland, Italy, and Spain.  Okay, so maybe I’ve had a little extra time…

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Phul Effect: Pen Nibs

I sourced these awesome pen nibs from eBay for dirt cheap… Apparently, no one uses quills or fountain pens anymore?  I’m thinking of soldering a bail to them, filing down the tips, and making some awesome one-of-a-kind necklaces.  Too bad I’m stuck in London until July/August. I’ll have to wait until then to get creating. 


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