Blog on a Blog?

I’m new to this whole blogging thing…but can I blog on another blog?  Well, forgive this faux pas and listen up.  I must give this girl a shout out.  Her name is Jaclyn, and she’s the mastermind behind Snap, Crackle, Pop.  She picked up this pen nib pendant in my shop and gave me a holler on her blog here. 

How sweet was that?  It’s people like this that make running a teeny tiny small business worth it.  Keep an eye on this girl, and stay up on her gift guides.  She’s got a mean eye for style and an Etsy shop that’s so cute to boot:


First Show Flop!

So, I sat my first craft/art/holiday show this weekend in Fort Mead, MD.  I was super stoked to showcase my work and meet some friendly customers.  Set-up went swimmingly and there were 100+ vendors!  Sounds like a recipe for success, huh?  Boy, I was in for a very rude surprise.


Less than 100 guests showed to the whole show!  I’m not sure what happened—insufficient advertising, the fact that there was a small entrance fee, lack of signage at the main entrance, etc.  I only sold five pieces and ran a net loss.  Thank goodness I was only out 10 bucks.  All of the vendors packed up an hour early, and I even saw one woman falling asleep at her booth.  It was a disaster.


On the bright side, my table looked amazing (see fabulous photography below).  I got so many compliments on my work, and I got to make a custom order for a very sweet lady.  My ‘Phul Effect’ bunting flags got some funny looks, but I think they’re sweet— sewed and ink-transferred by yours truly.  I’m a DIY queen. 


Guess I won’t be returning next year.  No love lost, on to the next one!